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How to clean and stain your deck丨如何 维护你家的装饰木板?

How to clean and stain your deck

如何维 护你家的装饰木板?

Wood decks take a beating. They are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, standing water, snow, pets and foot traffic. Without preventive maintenance, your wood deck will begin to turn gray and age, and if ignored for too long the deck may begin to deteriorate which can lead to costly repairs. Follow these steps to protect your deck against an early demise.

木板往往受损严重。木板由 于经常暴露在阳光、积水、大雪之下,以及被宠物、人们步 行践踏而会遭到破损。如果没有提前维护好,那么你 的木板将开始变灰和老化,如果长时间忽视,地板更会开始恶化,从而导 致昂贵的维修费用。遵照以 下的这些步骤可保护木板免受早期损坏影响。

Deck cleaning and prep

木板清 洁以及准备工作

As with all coating projects, preparing the surface is the key to a long-lasting finish. First, you must remove the dirt, dust, mildew, and previous coatings. Most people choose power washing to clean their deck.  Deck cleaning products can also make the job easier.  Ask your Diamond Vogel store for more information on deck cleaning products.  Before you stain, the deck must be dry. The deck should dry for two to three days before moving on. 

与所有 涂层施工项目一样,对木板 面层做好充分护理是让其光洁如新的关键所在。首先,您必须 去除木板表面的污垢,灰尘,霉斑和旧有的涂层。大多数 人选择动力洗涤来清洁他们的木板。专用木 板清洁产品也可以使这项工作更容易完成。你可以 咨询当地的美国钻石涂料经销店 了解更多木板清洁产品的信息。在为木板上色之前,必须先 等到其表面充分干燥,一般要让其保持2到3天的干燥时间,方可继续施工。 

(We have a full line of deck cleaners, strippers, and brighteners specifically for wood decks. Your local Diamond Vogel Paint Store can assist you with power washing tips, selection of cleaning products, and mildew removal techniques if needed.)

(我们拥 有全系列木板清洁剂,脱漆剂 和专门用于木板增白剂,在你有 需要的时候当地美国钻石涂料经销店 可为你提供动力清洗的技巧,选择专 用清洁产品以及除霉技术)

Selecting the best deck stain


Applying stain to your deck is one of the easiest ways to protect your investment.Stains that penetrate are preferred since failure doesn’t typically result in peeling. For the ultimate protection look for a penetrating stain that takes advantage of trans-oxide pigments. Trans-oxide pigments deliver a beautiful, rich, clear color that really highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Diamond Vogel’s Grain Stain Semi-Transparent Deck Stain uses trans-oxide pigments and provides long term protection and beauty for your deck.

为你的 木板上色是保护你的木板最简单的方法之一。首选渗透性强的油漆,因为就 算出现变故也不会导致油漆剥落。要达到 最好的保护效果就要寻找一种抗氧化的渗透力强的颜料。抗氧化颜料具有美丽,丰富,清晰的颜色,真正突 出了木材的自然美。 Diamond Vogel’s Grain Stain Semi-Transparent Deck Stain采用抗氧化颜料,为你的 木板提供长期保护让其长期保持美感。

Applying stain


You can apply the stain by brush, roller, or spray, but for best results brush the stain into the decking. Protect all areas not receiving stain with tape and plastic.  Two coats of stain are recommended for maximum durability. Many stains require an application technique called “wet-on-wet.” This is when the second coat of stain is applied before the first coat is thoroughly dried. Apply stain to the full length of a plank to avoid lap marks and generally you can work on three planks at a time.  Once a section of planks is stained, recoat with the second coat and move to the next section of planks.

您可以使用刷子,滚筒或喷雾器来施工,但要获得最佳效果,最好就 是直接刷到木板上。用胶带 和塑料膜保护好所有不需要上色的区域。建议油 漆要涂抹两层以获得最大的耐久性。许多时 候木板粉刷需要用到“湿压”的施工技巧,这是指 当在第一道涂层彻底干燥之前涂上第二层。把木板 平铺摆放好再进行粉刷施工能避免出现搭痕,一般情况下,您可以 同时对三块木板进行施工涂抹。当一截木板涂好后,就马上 为其重新涂抹上第二层,之后再涂抹下一截。

Maintaining your deck


Reapply a new coat of stain every two to three years. If the deck does not show signs of graying, a quick cleaning is all that is normally required before applying another coat of defense.

每两到 三年重新涂一层新油漆。若木板 没有出现泛灰的迹象,那么在 重涂一道防护层之前通常只需要快速清洗一下就可以了。



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